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Specializing in Cataract, LASIK, and Corneal Refractive Conditions & Treatment

The Chao Vision Difference


Lawrence C. Chao, M.D.
Board-Certified Ophthalmologists
Fellowship-Trained LASIK Eye Physicians and Surgeons

If you're considering Lasik, we offer complimentary LASIK consults appointments at two convenient locations. 

Both Dr. Chao and Dr. Wu offer one-on-one Lasik consults.

On your consult appointment, we plan for enough time for you to get your questions answered by an eye surgeon not just a Lasik counselor. We do not offer same day surgery.

If you're a candidate, you'll be given a 90min preop appointment as well as a surgery date and time. If you're wearing contact lenses, we'll plan enough time for you to be out of contacts for the best possible measurements. 

Because we are a physician-owned practice, we are one of the few Lasik centers that accepts VSP.  That means, after LASIK you can apply your vision insurance eyewear benefit to get non prescription sunglasses.

What to look for when choosing a Lasik eye surgeon

At Chao Vision Institute, we encourage you to compare and contrast your laser vision correction options.  Beyond price shopping, assess the surgeon, the facilities, the staff, other patient's experience, etc. 

EXPERTISE - Our doctors are fellowship trained LASIK eye surgeons offering university-level expertise in Orange County.

COMMITMENT -  Chao Vision Institute is a dedicated laser vision correction facility owned and operated by a Fellowship-trained eye surgeon.

INTEGRITY - At Chao Vision Institute, we focus not only on achieving excellent results but also on how we achieve them. There are no sales counselors, Groupon specials, pitches, teasers, or out-of-pocket add-ons. 

RESULTS - Dr. Chao has successfully performed over twenty-thousand cataract, LASIK, and corneal refractive procedures.  Dr. Wu is a leader in Cornea Cross Linking. Our results and approach to care have earned us a reputation as the most trusted care in sight.

"be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Your eyes deserve
Orange County's most trusted care in sight.

Lawrence C. Chao, MD

Refractive Eye Surgeon


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Chao Vision Institute specializes in cataract, LASIK, and corneal refractive vision conditions and treatments.

See Dr. Lawrence Chao for a consult or second opinion if you are considering eye surgery, including Crystalens ™, Visian ICL™, and LASIK surgery in Irvine, Orange County, or the Los Angeles , Riverside, and San Diego areas.

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